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The quality of the consulting work is measured by its success. We define a consulting project as successful whenever the concepts are implemented. We gladly accept this responsibility.

Our goal is together with our customers to implement solutions that ensure that even after the completion of the consultancy project the results are kept alive and become part of corporate cultur.

Do you have the right tools? And do you use them rightly?


Easy access to well-structured company data is the foundation for effective working and for successful controlling. To use data and information efficiently, it is necessary to combine the goal-oriented systems with the processes.


Management Partners support you in:

  • Defining and structuring company data and requirements to IT-systems
  • Coordinating your processes and their IT-support
  •  Creating your specification sheet
  • Implementation of ERP-systems and CRM-systems
  • Implementation of knowledge management systems
  • Training your employees


IT projects – especially the implementation of ERP-systems and KIS-systems – have an essential influence on the corporate culture and the organisation of the company. If decision-makers are aware of this fact and if questions of risks concerning the project and time of implementation are analysed sustainably, the chances to a right evaluation of the project and its success will be high.


After the implementation of the new software the company isn’t the same as it used to be. Not only regarding possible process support by the system, but also and especially regarding its organisation. The circumstance and the knowledge about the possible following risks justify, nearly demand a professional assistance of such a project.


The software market increases every day and the offers seem to be an inscrutable jungle. Descriptions of functionality and efficiency of the product are necessary, but not detailed enough parameters, to find the optimal product, that fits perfectly into the image of the company, whereas it is not important with which of these two ways you approach the purchase of a new software:

  •  The software has to fit in well into the company and it has to be adaptable to the processes of the company – or –
  • I chose a standard software and adapt the procedures of the company to the requirements of this standard


Creativity and pragmatism are not mutually exclusive. Through long year development processes in companies often structures and processes are created that can be rated overall as inefficient or even disturbing.

Our aim is to take stock and to develop solutions for the enterprise, using creative ideas.

Do you know how you reach your target? And why?

The change management is geared to strategical objectives. During the implementation of change you deal with questions of organisation, of human resource, of management and of communication and information.


Management Partners support you in:

  •  Assessing of the company and its environment
  • Defining emphases of change
  • Defining organisational changes
  • Project management in a complex environment
  • Implementation of change measures


Methodical and systematic approach makes it possible to bring structure in complex and often not known in detail business processes and tasks.

Our goal is to work out solutions that align with the corporate strategy and are highly accepted by employees.